Design Consulting

Design Publication Postponement Request: Along with the application, the applicant may request a postponement of publication for thirty months, starting from the application or priority date, if any. With this request, the visual representations of the designs are kept closed to public review for thirty months and published in the Bulletin at the end of the said period.

Design Registration Process Monitoring: As YETKİN PATENT, we can undertake the monitoring of your design from application to registration. In our country, this process generally consists of five main processes as procedural review, novelty review, publication, objection, and certification.

Consultancy in the Design Procedural Review Process: Procedural review is the review of whether the necessary documents are submitted in the application after your application is made, and if they are, whether these documents are clearly stated in the relevant Regulation articles. In case the design registration applications contain formal deficiencies, the Establishment gives time to the applicant or his/her attorney to eliminate these deficiencies. It is vital to monitor your design application, as the design registration application will be deemed not to have been made if the formal defect is not eliminated within the time.

Registration in the Design Registry and Publication: Design registration applications that do not contain formal deficiency or are completed within the period of formal deficiencies and found appropriate in terms of content are registered in the Design Registry and published in the first relevant Bulletin. If a published design is not new or similar in a way that harms your rights, if you want to object to the publication, we can assist you in the preparation of your petition of objection and the monitoring of the process.