Since 1996, Yetkin Patent&Consultancy has operated sustaining reliable, efficient and fast service concept with priority of long term customer satisfaction and privacy, in expertise of Trademark, Patent, Design, Geographical Indication, Statistical Research/Analysis and Consulting globally.

Patents & Utility Models

A patent provides the monopoly right within a countary in which patent was registered for a certain period, enabling only the right holder to produce, use or sell the invention.


Trademarks are the brands composed of words and forms that refers customers to your unique products and services.   


Designs are features of your product that can be perceived by the five senses. It is a way of making your product attractive and distinctive among others.

Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin

Protection of Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin is a way to ensure features of a product produced with traditional methods.

A snowflake is unique.
None of the snowflakes out of millions of snowflakes are the same.
Unique ideas are just like snowflakes.
Sometimes just like snowflakes these ideas travel from a very long distance,
And sometimes they just show up suddenly from past accumulations…
Ideas that are born to the world should be protected.
Yetkin Patent & Consultancy strives to ensure that
Your snowflakes never melt…

Our Values

Flexibility: Lets be permenant by bringing variety of skills&perpectives together.

Integrity: We are always dedicated to add new circles to strenghten our chain of integrated services. Lets ride your integrity journey together by preserving your trademarks, inventions, designs.

Transparency: We believe that an Industrial Property process should be designed to be tracable, enabling right owners to manage their products effectively. Serving you the development, lets make walls narrowing down your angle transparent.