Patents & Utility Models

A patent provides the monopoly right within a country in which patent was registered for a certain period, enabling only the right holder to produce, use or sell the invention. Besides monopoly right, a patent could generate income by licencing, allowing competitors to use your invention. An invention can turn into a patented product if It carries out some criterias.

You may prefer to protect your invention with Utility Model application. Besides requiring fulfilment of more criterias, a patent application is more costly. If the subject of your invention is eligible, you may aim for shorter protection periods or obtaining a legal base quicker by proceeding for a Utility Model application. In case the subject allows, every patent application could be converted to utility model application but the opposite is not always possible.

How We Can Help

  • Since 1996, we develop our services to maximize the advancement caused by your invention.
  • We design your patenting process only with the widest horizon
  • In order to fullfill this mission we serve on all sides of patents ranging from preaparing reports on patentability/ patent&utility model environment to executing International application processes, from infringement issues to licencing.
  • We provide integrated services to support all stages of your innovation journey to maximize the commercial value your labour results.
  • We take precautions against any potential loss of rights by watching patents to preserve your rights from the application stage of the infringement causers.
  • Patent data is tracked and proposed with statistical analysis by periodical reports. By doing this, we aim to provide a new and inventive perpective on your work, during your research and development studies.