Trademarks are the brands composed of words and forms that refers customers to your unique products and services. Just like the similarity among snowflakes, there may be others that try to look similar. A registered trademark is to make sure that your product would be differentiated from others and your clients will always benefit your products by the shortest way. You can have trademarks in a certain class of products and/or services. Once obtained, trademark rights should be cared properly by proper tracing and defending practices.

Nowadays, Trademarks could direct our lives and appoint our preferences.

How we can help

Besides the execution of Trademark registration processes before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office as well as International Offices, pre-examinations, tracing your registered trademarks and oppositions are contained in integrated Trademark services. We challenge to increase our registration success rate in trademark applications exceeding %90 which we sustain for more than 20 years before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. You can trust us while creating trademark that fit with your goal and distinctive against competitors.