Yetkin Patent

About Us

Since 1996, Yetkin Patent&Consulting has operated sustaining reliable, efficient and fast service concept with priority of long term customer satisfaction and privacy in expertise of Trademark, Patent, Design, Geographical Indication, Statistical Research/Analysis and Consulting globally.

Yetkin Patent, Turkey’s first futurist patent office; With its experienced staff, it provides its services by prioritizing customer satisfaction;

  1. It offers a reliable and high-quality service in the fastest way, based on the principle of confidentiality.
  2. It carries out studies to raise awareness about Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.
  3. It continues to support its clients at home and abroad in order to protect the value of labor.
  4. It provides support against product or service violations that its clients may encounter in national and international markets.

Yetkin Patent and Consultancy;

  1. Universities
  2. Technology Development Zones
  3. Organized Industrial Zones
  4. Trade and Industrial organizations
  5. Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  6. Municipalities and relevant Public Institutions etc.

It organizes training and seminar programs and carries out joint studies on industrial property rights in cooperation with.

Our Values and Our Principles

Since its establishment, Yetkin, as an experienced and visionary team that meets the rapidly changing and developing needs of various sectors, has focused on strengthening the impact created by intellectual labor.

Our values ensure that work is carried out in an efficient, predictive and result-oriented manner:

  • Flexibility: We can adapt to change by evaluating various talents and perspectives together.
  • Integrity: Adding new links that strengthen our service chain will increase the difference we make.
  • Transparency: Intellectual and Industrial property rights processes should be designed to be traceable, only in this way rights holders can manage their industrial properties in the most efficient way.