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Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin

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Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin

Geographical Indication and Traditional product name protection is a way to ensure that the characteristics of the product produced with traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation, are commercialized and delivered to future generations by protecting the production methods.

Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Special Provincial Administrations, Regional Development Associations, Producer Unions, Municipalities or Agricultural Cooperatives, etc. You can get protection for your products that are famous in your region.

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Our area of expertise is the preparation of the file that will ensure that your product, which is the fruit of your region’s historical accumulation and labor, becomes a Geographically Indicated product, is produced with traditional methods and raw materials in Turkey and in the World, and is transported to future generations while preserving its characteristics. By carrying out the Geographical Indication processes of many products and their subsequent follow-up, we undertake important duties in regional development and in preserving traditional values and reaching the masses.

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