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Patent and Utility Model

Patent legislation in Turkey, which has become one of the most important production centers in the world due to its geographical location, production and R&D capacity, has changed to comply with the European legislation of October 10, 2017, and is currently within the framework of the provisions of the SMK No. 6769.

What are the Main Differences Between Patent and Utility Model in Turkey?

  • While novelty and inventive step criteria are required to obtain a patent certificate, only innovation criteria are required for a utility model certificate.
  • Patents: Methods in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology can be patented, but they cannot be utility models.
  • While methods can be the subject of a patent, they cannot be the subject of a utility model.
  • Unlike a patent, there is no institutional review in the process of obtaining a utility model certificate. For the utility model, the institution only conducts innovation research.


Provided that the trademark distinguishes the goods or services of one undertaking from the goods or services of other undertakings and can be shown in the registry in a way that ensures a clear and precise understanding of the subject of the protection provided to the trademark owner, words, shapes, colours, letters, numbers, sounds, including personal names, and goods or It can consist of all kinds of signs, including the shape of their packaging.


In a free competition market, design is one of the most important elements that enable companies operating in the same sector to concentrate customer preferences on their own products. Design often appears as the most determining factor, especially in products that provide the same benefit to customers in terms of quality and technique.

Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin

Geographical Indication and Traditional product name protection is a way to ensure that the characteristics of the product produced with traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation, are commercialized and delivered to future generations by protecting the production methods.

Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Special Provincial Administrations, Regional Development Associations, Producer Unions, Municipalities or Agricultural Cooperatives, etc. You can get protection for your products that are famous in your region.

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