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What is Design 

In the free competition market, one of the most important elements for companies running in the same sector to concentrate customer preferences on their products is design. Especially in products that provide the same benefit to customers in terms of quality and technique, design is often the most decisive factor. In particular, small and medium-sized industrialists aim to stand out one step forward by differentiating in their product range by design.

However, these designs, which are the products of ideas, must be protected on a legal basis to achieve this goal and to make the profits sustainable. Since the design right obtained through protection gives the owner the authority to prevent the use for commercial purposes of the design by other people without their permission, it is very important in terms of the return of the investments made, both economically and socially. If not, unique and new designs will face threats such as theft, copying, and imitation, and thus, design owners will incur great commercial losses.

We provide you with Intellectual Property consultancy to protect your rights on the design in the most appropriate way and both during and after the registration process.

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    Design Application

    Design is the appearance of the whole or a part of the product or the decoration on it, resulting from features such as line, shape, form, color, material or surface texture.

    Design Objection

    The design registration application is examined in terms of content if there is no deficiency in terms of compliance with the formal conditions.

    Legal Transactions

    In order to legally protect your design against imitations, you can file Design Invalidity / Design Infringement Prevention cases in the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Civil Courts...

    Design Consulting

    Formal review is the examination of whether the required documents have been submitted after your application has been submitted, and if so, whether these documents are of the quality clearly stated in the relevant Regulation articles.

    Design Training

    We provide training on Industrial Rights in order to ensure and make effective the active role of every unit of your company in the protection of your Industrial Property Rights.

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