Legal Transactions

Trademark Agreement

We stand by you in the preparation and evaluation of protocols in the field of Intellectual Property Law, providing legal interpretation, Coexistence Agreements, License Agreements, etc., in the drawing up of all agreements that your company may need in the field of Intellectual Property.

Trademark Legal Transactions

Trademark Invalidity / Trademark Infringement Prevention cases in Civil Courts for Intellectual and Intellectual Property Rights, to imitate your trademark that you have not registered yet by third parties, or to legally fight against imitations of a registered trademark in line with your past use; In the Trademark Application or Objection Process, we also provide legal consultancy for the protection of your Trademark Right at the Legal Stage, including Objection to the Decision in the Court, against the decisions that do not satisfy at the administrative stage.

Moreover, we also provide attorneyship at other necessary stages in the protection of your Trademark Right against counterfeit goods, such as the Prosecution complaint stage, the Declaratory Lawsuit in Different Labor Courts, within the scope of fighting counterfeit goods.

Trademark Transfer and License Transactions

Trademarks, which are intangible fixed assets, can be transferred or licensed exclusively/non-exclusively. In this way, income can be obtained with the trademark application by exclusivity.