Patent Objection

Change of Claim and Opposition Transactions by TPTO (Turkish Patent and Trademark Office) in Patent Application

It is important to prepare an effective dissenting opinion within 3 months of the notification of the research and reviews made by the establishment for an application whose application procedures are still in progress and to make the required changes in the file, if necessary, to conclude the process with registration. At this stage, the defense should be prepared by using the necessary technical and legal arguments in response to the expert’s evaluation, and in line with this, necessary changes should be made in the claims section where the scope of protection of the patent is determined.

Objection to Publication

TÜRKPATENT gives the right to object to the registration decisions related to the products and services you offer or the patent applications made in the field related to your patent application within 6 months (Patent) and 3 months (Utility Model) from the publication of the decision in the bulletin. The objection file, which contains the findings and evaluations related to the similar uses of the patent application made at this stage before the application date, should be submitted to the establishment within the specified periods. Similarly, it is important to submit dissenting opinions against the objections made by 3. parties during the publication, in terms of the registration of the application.

Objection to the Decision of the Establishment

After the completion of the objection and dissenting opinion processes during the application, an objection to the decision can be filed against the registration or decisions of refusal of the establishment in due time. At this stage, the technical and legal grounds of the objection to the filed decision are evaluated by the Re-review and Evaluation Board.