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Trademark Registration


Trademark Application

The first official step of the Trademark Registration Process starts with making a trademark application to TÜRKPATENT and trademark protection begins as of the application date.

Your trademark application is filed within the scope of the goods and service classes that we have previously determined within the frame of our consultancy in accordance with your activities.

Following the filing of your trademark application, this trademark application will now be examined ex officio by the TÜRKPATENT within the frame of absolute grounds for refusal under Intellectual Property Law No. 6769. We provide you consultancy service to minimize the risks both in the review of TÜRKPATENT experts and in the subsequent publication process.

Trademark Preliminary Research

To determine whether the expressions determined for the trademark application pose any risk during the application process before TÜRKPATENT and among the registered trademarks, we provide you with a preliminary trademark research service. A preliminary research study is carried out in these classes by determining the class list of goods and services that are suitable for your activities.

Furthermore, we analyze whether your trademark conforms with the distinctiveness and registration criteria.

Trademark is the DISTINCTIVE sign that distinguishes the goods or services of a business from those of another business. The trademark also has a warranty function. Source, manufacturer, advertisement functions, and quality of production are understood from the trademark. Words and shapes create the trademark.

Trademark preliminary research is like a road map that guides the process of overcoming these risks by identifying the trademarks that are at or pose a risk of imitation.

Trademark Registration

The registration of the trademarks that have successfully completed the application process is decided. At this stage, all missing documents must be completed in due time and registration dues must be paid, and these transactions are followed within the frame of official correspondence with TÜRKPATENT.

Whether the trademark is in the registration stage or registered, all your requests for Issuing a Copy of the Trademark Registration Certificate and Issuing a Copy of the Trademark Registry can be submitted to TÜRKPATENT by our attorneyship at this stage.

Trademark Transfer and License Transactions

Brands, which are intangible assets, can be transferred or licensed on an exclusive/non-exclusive basis. In this way, income can be generated by applying for a trademark by granting usage rights.

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    Trademark Registration

    The official first step of the Trademark Registration Process begins with applying for a trademark to TÜRKPATENT, and trademark protection begins as of the application date.

    Trademark Objection

    We provide legal assistance in case your industrial property rights are imitated in our country or abroad.

    International Transactions

    We provide services in trademark applications before WIPO, EUPO, national trademark applications abroad, foreign trademark objections and other transactions, as well as WIPO PCT and EOP applications...

    Legal Transactions

    In order for a trademark that you have not yet registered to be imitated by third parties in line with your old usage, or for a legal fight against imitations of a registered trademark of yours...

    Competitor Analysis-Monitoring

    We have bulletin tracking and analysis services to ensure that you do not fall behind in the Industrial Property management process, which reflects competition, which is an indispensable part of trade.

    Trademark Training

    In order to ensure and make effective the active role of every unit of your company in the protection of your Industrial Property Rights, we provide training on Industrial Rights, and your departments related to Industrial Property within your company...

    Trademark Classification

    We can call trademark registration classes as trademark categories. While trademark registration procedures are carried out, brands are divided into a category. These categories indicate many classes of brands. Trademark registration classes are not as short as thought.

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