Yetkin Patent

Collection of Turgay Sagdic / Ve-Po-Ad Vintage Calculator

The Ve-Po-Ad (Vest Pocket Adder) is a “Vintage Calculator” from Turgay Sagdic’s collection, the founder of Yetkin Patent & Consultancy, European Patent Attorney, Certified Public Accountant.

Manufacturer: Reliable Typewriter and Adding Machine Corporation // 1924 ca.
According to the box “The little Wizard on Figures” was a complete adding machine that fit the vest pocket. Probably fashioned, in part, on the abacus and before the electronic pocket calculator, this contraption was considered quite an enhancement for doing math. The Ve-Po-Ad (Vest Pocket Adder) can be used for addition, subtraction and multiplication, all without batteries and it has eight digit columns for large calculations. It is made of metal and it is attached to a marron canvas-like cardboard case that has a flip top. The stylus necessary for performing the mathematical operations slipped into the side along the edge of the calculator. The zeroing lever at the top pulls upward to clear the slate to begin the next function.