Yetkin Patent

Trademark Classification


Classification List of Goods and Services

Chemicals used in industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
Fertilizers and soils.
Unprocessed artificial resins and virgin plastics.
Fire extinguishing agents.
Adhesives, except for stationary, medical and domestic use.

Paints, varnishes, lacquers, rust inhibitors, wood preservatives, binders and thinners for paints, paint pigments, metal protective agents, shoe polishes; printing dyes and inks, toners (including filled toner cartridges); Substances for coloring foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and beverages.
Unprocessed natural resins.
Sheets and powdered metals for painters, decorators, printers and artists.

Bleaching and cleaning substances: detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners, stain removers, dishwashing agents.

Perfumery; cosmetic products, fragrances for personal use (including deodorants for humans and animals).
Dental care products: toothpastes, tooth polishing and whitening agents, non-medical mouthwashes.

Abrasive products: emery cloths, sandpaper, pumice stones, abrasive pastes.

Polishing and care products for leather, vinyl, metal and wood: polishes, care creams, polishing wax.

Industrial oils, greases, cutting fluids, dust absorbent-wetting and binding agents.
Solid fuels: coals, wood.
Liquid and gaseous fuels: gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, fuel oil and their non-chemical additives.
Candles, wicks, semi-finished waxes, waxes (waxes), paraffins for illumination purposes.

Medicines for human and animal health, chemical products for medical and veterinary purposes, chemical reagents for medical and veterinary purposes.
Dietetic substances suitable for medical and veterinary purposes; dietary supplements, food (nutritional) supplements; medical preparations for slimming purposes; baby foods; plants for medicinal purposes and herbal drinks for medicinal purposes.
Products for dentistry (excluding instruments): dental filling materials, dental molding agents, prosthetic and artificial tooth bonding and repair materials.

Hygiene products: pads, tampons, medical patches, dressing materials, diapers made of paper and textile.
Substances that destroy harmful plants, animals and fungi.
Deodorants, air freshening fragrances, except for humans and animals.
Disinfectants, antiseptics (germicides), detergents for medical purposes.

Non-precious ores.
Base metals and their alloys and semi-finished products.
Metal materials and tools for sheltering, storing, preserving, covering, wrapping, surrounding, storing, placing: metal structures, metal construction frames and pillars, metal boxes, metal packages, aluminum foil, metal fences, railings, metal tubes, metal containers, mineral tanks, metal shipping crates, metal stepladders.
Metal materials made for sifting, filtering and similar purposes.
Doors and windows, shutters, blinds, their frames and parts made of metal.
Metallic cables and wires that are not for electricity.
Hardware store goods made of metal.

Ventilation ducts, vents, vent covers, chimneys, chimney caps, manhole covers, grilles for ventilation, heating, sewage, telephone, underground electrical and air conditioning installations made of metal.
Materials made of metal for indicating, directing, indicating and promoting: signs, panels, plates, non-illuminated metal traffic direction signs.
Pipes, drilling pipes and their fittings for liquid or gas transportation made of metal: valves, sleeves, elbows, clips, extensions made of metal.

Coin safes.
Railway materials made of metal: rails, rail connections, switches.
Metal bollards and buoys, metal pontoons, anchor anchors for marine vessels.
Metal molds for casting works (except those that are machine parts).
Works of art made from base metals or their alloys.
Caps and bottle caps made of metal.
Metal poles.
Metal pallets for lifting, loading and transportation, metal ropes, metal slings, ties, columns, belts, tapes and strips used in lifting and carrying loads.
Metal chocks for vehicle wheels.

Machines, machine tools and industrial robots and three-dimensional printers used for processing and shaping wood, metal, glass and plastic materials and minerals.
Construction machines: dozers, diggers, excavators, road construction and coating machines, drilling machines, rock drilling machines, sweeping machines and robotic mechanisms with the same function.
Lifting, transporting and transmitting machines: elevators, escalators, cranes, robotic mechanisms with the same function.
Machines and robotic mechanisms used in agriculture, animal husbandry, agricultural sectors and grain/fruit/vegetable/food processing.
Engines, other than for land vehicles, electric motors, parts and assemblies thereof: hydraulic, pneumatic controls, brakes, linings, crankshafts, gears, cylinders, pistons, turbines, filters, except for land vehicles; Parts used in land vehicles and included in this class: oil, fuel and air filters for vehicles, exhausts, exhaust manifolds, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, carburetors, fuel conversion devices, injectors, fuel saving devices, pumps, valves, starters, dynamos. , spark plugs.

Bearings, ball or roller bearings.
Tire mounting and mounting machines.
Alternators, generators, electric generators, solar powered generators.
Painting machines, automatic paint spray guns, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic stapling machines and guns, electric glue guns, guns for compressed air or liquid spraying machines, electric hand drills, motorized hand saws, jigsaw machines, spiral machines, compressed air generators, compressors , , car washing machines and robots that have the same functions as the machines and vehicles listed above.
Electric and gas welding machines, electric arc welding devices, electric soldering devices, electric arc cutting devices, electric welding machine electrodes and robots with the same functions.
Printing machines.
Packaging machines, filling-sealing and closing machines, labeling machines, sorting machines and robots and robotic mechanisms that have the same functions as the above-mentioned machines (including electric plastic closing/sealing devices [packaging]).
Textile machines, sewing machines and industrial robots with the same functions.
Pumps that are not machinery or engine parts (including fuel oil filling and distribution pumps and their guns).
Electrical tools used in the kitchen for chopping, grinding, crushing, whisking and crumbling; washing machines (including laundry/dishwashing machines, non-heated centrifugal tumble dryers); Electric machines, vacuum cleaners and their parts for cleaning floors, carpets or upholstery.
Vending machines.
Galvanized coating and electrolysis (current coating) machines.
Electric opening and closing mechanisms.
Cylinder seals for machines and engines.

Forks, spoons, knives and non-electric cutting utensils for cutting, chopping and peeling purposes, including those made of precious metals.
Cutting and poking weapons.
Tools included in this class used for beauty purposes and personal care: shaving, epilation, manicure, pedicure tools, hand tools for hair straightening and curling, scissors.
Hand-operated (non-electric and non-motorized) tools for machinery, equipment and vehicle repair, construction, agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
Electric and non-electric steam irons.

Measuring instruments and apparatus, including those intended for scientific, marine, topographical, meteorological, industrial and laboratory use: non-medical thermometers, barometers, ammeters, voltmeters, hygrometers, testers, telescopes, periscopes, compasses; vehicle indicators; Materials used in laboratories: microscopes, magnifiers, experimental materials and devices.
Devices for recording, transmitting or reproducing sound and images: cameras, still cameras, televisions, videos, CD-DVD recording and player devices, mp3 players, computers, desktop-tablet computers, microphones, speakers, headphones; Communication and reproduction devices and computer peripheral equipment: mobile phones and their cases, landline phones, telephone switchboards, computer printers, scanners, photocopiers.
Magnetic and optical record carriers and computer programs and software recorded on them; electronic publications that can be downloaded via computer networks and recorded on magnetic and optical media; cards with magnetic/optical readers.
Antennas, satellite dishes, amplifiers and their parts.
Ticket vending machines, cash machines.
Elements used in the electronics of machines and devices: semiconductors, electronic circuits, integrated circuits, chips, diodes, transistors, magnetic heads, diverters; electronic locks, photocells, electronic opening and closing mechanisms, sensors.

Counters and timers that measure consumption per unit time.
Protective clothing, protection and lifesaving equipment.
Glasses, sunglasses, lenses and their boxes, cases, parts and accessories.
Electrical energy transmission, conversion and storage control devices and tools: plugs, junction boxes, switches, switches, fuses, ballasts, starters, electrical panels, resistances, sockets, transformers, adapters, chargers, electric bells, cables used in electricity, electronics, batteries. , batteries.
Devices whose main function is warning and alarm (except vehicle alarms), electric bells.
Signaling, signaling devices and vehicles for use in traffic.
Fire extinguishing appliances and devices, including fire extinguishing vehicles (including fire extinguishing hoses and fire extinguishing valves).
Radars, submarine radars (sonars), night vision providing or enhancing devices and devices.
Decorative magnets.

Instruments, appliances and furniture for surgical, medical, dental and veterinary purposes.
Artificial organs and prostheses.
Medical orthopedic materials: medical corsets, orthopedic shoes, elastic and supportive bandages.
Operating room clothing and sterile drapes.
Instruments and materials for sexual purposes.
Condoms (condom/hood).
Feeding bottles, bottle teats, pacifiers, teethers for babies.

Lighting devices (lighting fixtures for vehicles, indoor and outdoor).
Solid, liquid, gas fueled and electric heating devices: combi boilers, boilers, radiators, heat exchangers, stoves, cookers; solar collectors.

Steam, gas and fog (smoke) generators: steam generators (boilers), acetylene generators, oxygen generators, nitrogen generators.
Air conditioning and ventilation devices.
Coolers and freezers.
Electric and gas-powered tools, machines and appliances used in cooking, drying and boiling: ovens, electric pots, electric water boilers, barbecues, barbecues, electric clothes dryers, hair dryers and hand dryers.
Sanitary ware products: taps, shower sets, toilet interior sets, bath-shower cabins, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, sinks.
Water softening devices, water purification devices, water treatment installations, waste treatment installations.
Non-medical electric blankets and electric blankets, heating pads, electric or non-electric foot warmers, hot water bottles (thermophores).
Filters and filter-motor combinations for aquariums.
Industrial cooking, drying and cooling installation.
Pasteurizing and sterilizing machines.

Motor land vehicles (including motorcycles, scooters) and engines for these vehicles, clutches and transmission connections, transmission belts and chains, gears, brakes, brake discs and pads, chassis, bodywork, suspensions, shock absorbers, transmissions, steering wheels, rims.
Bicycles and their bodies, handlebars and fenders.
Vehicle bodies, dump bodies, tractor trailers, refrigerated bodies, trailer connections.
Vehicle seats, headrests for seats, safe child seats, seat covers, vehicle covers (shaped like the vehicle), sun visors.
Arms for signals and direction signals, wipers for vehicle windows, wiper arms.
Inner and outer tires for vehicles, tubles tires, tire repair kits, patches for vehicle tires, welded patches, valves for vehicle tires.
Vehicle windows, safety vehicle windows, rearview mirrors and side mirrors for vehicles.
Skid chains.
Roof racks, bicycle and ski carriers, saddles for vehicles.
Tire inflation pumps.
Burglar alarms and horns for vehicles.
Seat belts, airbags for passengers.
Baby carriages, wheelchairs, strollers.
Hand carts, market carts, single or multi-wheeled carts, grocery carts, wheeled carriers for household goods.
Rail vehicles: Locomotives, trains, trams, wagons, cable cars, chair lifts.
Marine vessels and parts (excluding engines).
Aircraft and parts (excluding engines).

Firearm, air and spring weapons and their holsters and straps.
Heavy weapons, mortars, rockets.
Shielding gases for personal use.

Jewelery items (including imitations); gold, jewels, precious stones and jewelry made of them, cufflinks, tie pins and sculptures, trinkets.
Clocks and time-measuring devices (including chronometers and their parts, watch straps).

15th CLASS
Musical instruments and boxes.

Paper, cardboard (cardboard); Packaging and wrapping materials made of paper or cardboard, cardboard boxes; Single-use products made of paper (excluding stationery products): paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins.
Packaging and wrapping materials made of plastic material.
Printing and binding materials.
Printed publications, printed documents: books, magazines, newspapers, invoices, delivery notes, revenue receipts, calendars, posters, photographs, banners, paintings, stickers, stamps.
Stationery, office, education-training, writing, drawing, painting and artists’ supplies (excluding furniture and equipment): stationery-type paper products, adhesives, pencils, erasers, stationery-type tapes, cardboard for crafts, writing papers, copying papers, cash register paper rolls, drawing instruments, blackboards, painting paints.
Office machines.
Brushes and rollers for whitewashing and painting.
Prayer beads.

Semi-finished synthetic materials in the form of rubber, gutta-percha, rubber, asbestos, mica or powder, sheet, rod and foil made from these.
Insulation, filling and sealing materials: paints used for insulation purposes, fabrics for insulation, tapes for insulation purposes, covers for insulation, joint fillers, gaskets, o-rings (except engine and cylinder gaskets).

Flexible pipes, hoses (including those used for vehicles), pipe sheaths and fittings made of rubber, plastic or rubber; textile hoses, non-metallic pipe covers and fittings, hose fittings, radiator hoses for vehicles (except fire hoses).

Processed or unprocessed leathers and hides, artificial leathers, leathers, lining leathers.

Goods made of leather, imitation leather or other materials for transportation purposes not included in other classes: bags, wallets, leather or leather boxes and chests, key cases, suitcases, suitcases.
Umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, walking sticks.
Whips, harnesses, saddles, stirrups and saddle straps.

Unformed materials included in this class: sand, gravel, gravel, asphalt, pitch, cement, lime, plaster, plaster, concrete, block marble.

Building/construction/road construction and similar purpose materials manufactured and shaped from concrete, plaster, soil, clay, stone, marble, wood, plastic or synthetic materials: non-metal buildings/structures, construction elements, poles, barriers, natural or synthetic heat-sealable coatings, bitumen cardboard for roofs, bitumen coatings, doors and windows made of wood and synthetic materials.
Metal, mechanical and non-illuminated traffic signs for roads.
Monuments and sculptures made of concrete, stone or marble.
Glass products for construction.
Prefabricated swimming pools made of metal.
Aquarium sands.

Furniture, regardless of the substances and materials from which it is made.

Bed mattresses, pillows, non-medical air mattresses and pillows, sleeping bags for campers, sea beds.
Beehives, artificial honeycombs and honeycomb slats.
Baby carriers, playgrounds with railings (indoors), baby cribs, walkers.
Panels made of wood or synthetic materials, frames for pictures and paintings, ID cards, tags, name tags, labels.
Packaging made of wood or synthetic materials; barrels, barrels, drums, hoppers (warehouses), boxes, packaging containers, containers, crates, transport pallets for transportation and storage purposes, and the covers used with them.
Hardware items, furniture fittings, opening and closing devices made of wood or synthetic materials.
Ornamental and decorative items made of wood, cork, reed, bamboo, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, oyster shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum, wax, plastic or plaster included in this class: figurines, wall hanging ornaments, sculptures.
Baskets, fisherman’s baskets.
Kennels, nests, beds for pets.
Portable ladders, mobile ladders made of wood or synthetic materials.
Bamboo curtains, roller blinds (indoor), strip curtains, beaded curtains for decoration purposes; curtain hooks, curtain rings, curtain hooks, curtain rods.
Non-metal chocks for vehicle wheels.

21st CLASS
Non-electric cleaning tools and equipment: brushes except paint brushes, steel shavings, sponges, steel wool, oakum, textile cleaning and wiping cloths, dishwashing gloves, non-electric polishing machines, carpet vacuum cleaners, floor mops with sticks.
Toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, dental flossers, shaving brushes, hairbrushes, combs.
Non-electrical household and kitchen utensils in this class, including those made of precious metal (except forks, knives and spoons): food serving sets, pots and pans, bottle openers, flower pots, straws, non-electric cooking utensils.

Ironing boards and covers, clothes dryers, clothes hangers.
Cages, aquariums, vivariums, terrariums for pets.

Ornamental and decorative items made of glass, porcelain, ceramics, clay: sculptures, figurines, vases.
Mouse traps, insect traps, electrical devices that repel or destroy flies and insects, fly catchers, fly rackets.

Perfume burners (burners that emit a scent when lit), perfume sprayers and vaporizers (sprayers), electric and non-electric make-up removal tools, powder puffs, boxes for toiletries.
Spray hose nozzles, nozzles for irrigation strainers, watering tools, garden irrigation strainers, nozzles for taps.
Unprocessed glass, semi-processed glass, glass mosaics and glass powders for decoration (except for construction), glass wool (not for insulation and textile purposes).

22nd CLASS
Ropes, ropes, rope ladders, hammocks, fishing nets.
Tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, vehicle covers (not shaped like vehicles).
Packaging bags made of textile.
Non-rubber and synthetic upholstery filling materials (including wool, cotton).
Synthetic fibers for textile purposes, virgin twisted fibers, glass fibers.

Twisted yarns for textile purposes; sewing, embroidery and knitting threads, dashes, flexible threads.

Woven or non-woven fabrics.
Home textile products: curtains, bedspreads, duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvets, towels.
Flags, pennants, labels from textile.
Swaddle wraps for babies.

Inner-outer clothing, socks, scarves, shawls, bandanas, scarves and belts made of all kinds of materials except for protective purposes.
Footwear: shoes, slippers, sandals.
Headwear: hats, caps, berets, skullcaps, caps.

Lace and embroidery (appliques), guipure, scallops, narrow fabrics, ribbons and ribbons, trims, rovings, ready-made letters and numbers made of fabric for clothing, coats of arms, insignia, shoulder pads.
Buttons, buckles, eyelets, zippers, shoe and belt buckles, rivets, adhesive tapes, ties, pins, needles, sewing needles, sewing machine needles, crochet hooks and knitting needles, needle boxes and pin holders for clothing.
Artificial flowers, artificial fruits.
Hair clips, hair rings, tiaras, hair ornaments not made of precious metal, hair extensions, hair extensions, electric or non-electric hair curlers.

Carpets, rugs, runners.
Prayer rugs.
Linoleums, artificial grass, cork linoleum (linoleum).
Mats for sports purposes.
Non-textile wall coverings and wallpapers.

Games and toys.
Games played in the living room; tools, machines and devices (including coin-operated) for games that can be connected and played with an external display or monitor.
Toys for animals.
Toys for children’s gardens, parks and playgrounds.
Gymnastics and sports equipment included in this class; fishing tackle, artificial fishing bait, traps for hunting and fishing.
Artificial Christmas trees and decorations for them, artificial snow, rattles, materials for parties and similar entertainments, paper party hats.

Meat, fish, poultry and game meat and all kinds of processed meat products.
Dried legumes.
Ready soups, bouillons.
Olives, olive pastes.
Milk and dairy products (including butter).
Edible vegetable oils.
Dried, canned, frozen, cooked, smoked, pickled fruits and vegetables, tomato pastes.
Hazelnut and peanut butters, tahini.
Eggs, egg powders.
Potato chips.

30th CLASS
Coffee, cocoa; coffee or cocoa based drinks, chocolate based drinks.
Pastas, dumplings, noodles.
Pastry and bakery products, desserts: Bread, bagel, pastry, pita, sandwich, katmer, pastry, fresh pastry, baklava, kadayıf, sherbet desserts, pudding, pudding, pudding, Kazandibi, rice pudding, keşkül.
Honey, royal jelly, propolis.
Condiments/flavors for food, vanilla, spices, sauces including tomato sauces.
Yeasts, baking powders.
All kinds of flour, semolina, starches.
Granulated sugar, cube sugar, powdered sugar.
Teas, iced teas.
Candies, chocolates, biscuits, crackers, wafers.
Ice creams, edible ices.
Snacks made from cereals (cereal), popcorn, oatmeal, corn chips, breakfast cereals, processed wheat, barley, oats, rye, rice.
Grape molasses.

Unprocessed agricultural and horticultural products, seeds.

Forestry products.
Live animals, hatching eggs, fertilized eggs.
Live and dried plants and herbs.
Animal feed.
Malt (not for human consumption).

Beers; Preparations used in beer making.
Mineral waters, spring waters, table waters, sodas.
Vegetable and fruit juices, their concentrates and extracts, soft drinks.
Energy drinks (non-alcoholic).

Alcoholic beverages (except beers): Wines, rakis, whiskeys, liqueurs, cocktails containing alcohol.

Tobacco, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars.

Tobacco smokers’ articles, including those made of precious metal: pipes, cigar and cigarette holders, ashtrays, tobacco boxes, cigarette rolling devices, cigarette papers, hookahs, flints, lighters.
Services related to advertising, marketing and public relations, organization of exhibitions and fairs for commercial and advertising purposes.
Office services: secretarial services, newspaper subscription arranging services, compilation of statistics, office machine rental services, systematization of information in computer databases, telephone answering services.
Business management, administration and consultancy on these issues, accounting and financial consultancy services, personnel placement, recruitment, personnel selection, personnel supply services, import-export agency services, temporary personnel assignment (depositing invoices on behalf of someone else, depositing taxes, traffic business tracking services such as transactions.
Organizing and conducting auctions services.
Services of assembling goods* so that customers can conveniently view and purchase the goods (the specified services may be provided through retail, wholesale stores, electronic media, catalogs and other similar methods).
* Please specify the goods or goods group in this section.

Insurance services.
Financial and monetary services.
Real estate brokerage, consultancy and management services.
Customs consultancy services.

Construction services, rental of construction tools and equipment.
Cleaning services; disinfection services; pest control services; rental services of cleaning tools and machines.
Land vehicles service station services (maintenance, repair and fuel filling).
Marine vehicle maintenance and repair services; shipbuilding services.
Aircraft maintenance and repair services.
Upholstery, repair and restoration services for furniture.
Heating, ventilation and plumbing installation, maintenance and repair services.
Cleaning, maintenance and repair services of clothes.
Installation, maintenance and repair services of industrial machines and devices, office machines and devices, communication devices, electrical and electronic devices.
Elevator repair and maintenance services.
Clock repair services.
Mining, mineral extraction services.
Shoe, bag and belt repair services.

Radio and television broadcasting services.
Communication services (including internet service provision services).
News agency services.

Land, sea and air transportation services and land, sea and air vehicle rental services, tour arranging, arranging places for travel, providing travel-related tickets, courier services.
Car park services, garage rental services.
Boat hosting services.
Pipeline transportation services.
Electricity distribution services.
Water supply services.
Vehicle and goods recovery services.
Storage, packaging and crating services of goods.
Garbage storage and transportation services, waste collection and transportation services.

Processing services of base metals.
Precious metals processing services.
Processing services of photographic and cinematographic products, processing, printing and photo engraving services.
Food processing services.
Animal slaughter services.
Leather and fur processing services.
Saddlery services.
Fabric processing services, wool processing services.
Tailoring services, embroidery services.
Wood and timber processing services.
Framing services of works of art.
Liquid, chemical, gas, air processing services.
Glass and optical glass processing services.
Installation of materials (on behalf of third parties) services.
Dental technician (casting) services.
Pottery services.
Energy production services, generator rental services.
Processing of paper.
Printing services, bookbinding services.
Plastic processing services.

Education and training services.
Symposium, conference, congress and seminar organization and administration services.
Sports, culture and entertainment services (including ticketing services for cultural and entertainment events such as cinema, sports events, theatre, museum, concert).
Services related to preparing publications such as magazines, books, newspapers, etc. for printing and delivering them to the reader (including the provision of the mentioned services through global communication networks).
Film, television and radio program production services.
News reporting services, photojournalism services.
Photography services.
Translation services.

Scientific and industrial investigation and research services; engineering services, engineering and architectural design services, testing of goods/services for quality and standard certification purposes.
Computer services: computer programming, protecting the computer against viruses, computer system design, designing, maintaining and updating websites on behalf of others, software design, rental and updating, internet search engine provision, hosting, consultancy in the field of computer hardware, computer hardware rental services.
All kinds of design services that are included in this class but are not within the scope of engineering, architecture and computer services; graphic art design services.
Artwork authenticity verification services.

Food and beverage provision services.
Temporary accommodation services.
Day care (nursery) services.
Services to provide temporary shelter for animals.

Medical services.
Beauty care services.
Services related to veterinary and animal breeding, livestock breeding, blacksmithing.
Services related to agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
Consultancy services regarding workplace and personnel health.

Legal services (including consultancy services on industrial and intellectual property rights).
Security services.
Marriage bureau services.
Funeral services.
Clothing rental services.
Fire fighting services.
Accompanying services.
Consultancy services on occupational safety issues.

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