Yetkin Patent

Brand Owner's Handbook

Points to Know About the Brand Protection Process

In this document you will find the answers to the following questions;

  • How can a damage-free Trademark Registration process be progressed?
  • What are the deadlines that we should not miss during the registration process stages?
  • How can we effectively protect our brand after the registration process is completed?

Everything You Need is in This Book

It was brought together by a team that has helped thousands of brands gain ownership and value. Thanks to this unique e-book, the basic strategies used by valuable brands are given in detail. All you have to do is download it and read these unique contents immediately.

Who should download it?
– Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur candidates (Those who want to create a butterfly effect at an early stage)
– Investors (Those who want to create leverage with the smallest investment)
– Experts and White Collars (who know the importance of reputation and try to protect it with the brand)
– Everyone (Everyone’s most valuable brand is their name; those who are aware of their potential and want to invest in their own idea)