Trademark Objection

Objection / Opposition to Trademark Publication

If the trademark application undergoes the TÜRKPATENT review, it is decided to announce it in the Official Trademark Bulletin where the applications are published. After the trademark is announced, the previous right holders have the right to object within 2 months.

If the previous right holders object within this period, the objection petitions may be evaluated and accepted by TÜRKPATENT and the trademark application may be refused. Or, the objections may be evaluated negatively and the registration of the trademark application may be decided.

In the process of protecting your trademark, you may find yourself on both sides of the objection to publication. Whether it is to express a dissenting opinion after an objection to your trademark registration application or to object to the publication of another company’s trademark application, we assist you at this critical stage in collecting all kinds of evidence, arranging explanations and justifications, and, as a result, either objecting to the publication or presenting a dissenting opinion.

Trademark Ex officio Objection to Total Refusal/Partial Refusal Decision

After the trademark application, TÜRKPATENT evaluates the sign requested to be registered by procedural review in terms of compliance with Article 5 of the Intellectual Property Law. In particular, a review is made upon whether the sign requested to be registered within the scope of this article is similar to the previously registered trademark or the registration process is in progress. Also, it is examined whether the trademark applied for is distinctive and not “descriptive” for the goods/services whose registration is requested.

If a partial or total refusal of your trademark application is made during this review, you have the right of objection against the decision. If you wish to object to the decision, we provide support for preparing and filing a petition of objection against the decision and then follow-up until the process is complete.

Fight against Imitation

We provide legal assistance in case your Intellectual Property Rights are imitated in Turkey or abroad. We provide national and international support in both administrative and legal stages, with legal research on legal issues and obtaining evidence regarding concrete cases, including the Turkish Trade Registry.