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Highlights of 2021

We prepare our monthly Yetkin Magazine from an IP Perspective with the motivation to give you a with the motivation to give you a chance to read “something different” about Turkey, and of course, there is a touch of Ankara in every issue. As the capital of a country that evolved from an empire into a Republic, born again from its ashes like a Phoenix, our Ankara shimmers with the spectrum of all the colors of Anatolia. Through these newsletters we as Nazli Sagdic Pilcz and Ugur Sagdic prepare for you as second-generation experts of Yetkin Patent who grew up within the world of intellectual property, we invite you into a mini-journey amid the hectic tempo of your business lives.

Nazli Sagdic Pilcz & Ugur Sagdic

For example;

Click here to take a look at our conversation with Yetkin Patent & Consultancy General Manager, Trademark and Patent Attorney Belgin Sagdic to find out about the changes in the field of “IP in Turkey” in the past 15 years.


If you have questions about the “Declaration of Use or Non-Use” procedure in Turkey, this article is for you.


If like us, you too support the #FutureWillBeBrighter hypothesis, you should definitely click here to check out our interview with one of its strongest advocates, Ufuk Tarhan, futurist, economist, and founder of Turkey’s first Futurist Consulting Company known as “Business Designer & Avatar” M-Gen.

Futurist Ufuk Tarhan


Or would you like to read about the fact that Geographical Indications are Regional Values; here is another interesting article from our General Manager Belgin Sagdic.

Our General Manager Belgin Sagdic


Or you could make a pitstop at the unusual breakfast tables of our city Van, the capital of one of history’s prominent empires, Urartu.

Van Style Breakfast

While we are at it;

Did you know that one of the most significant monuments in connection to the life of Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, the Res Gestae Divi Augusti (“The deeds of deified Augustus”) is in Ankara? Read more


Have you ever listened to Giselle Tavilson, the electric violin artist who was raised in Ankara and went on to take stages around the world by storm? Read more

Giselle Tavilson


Have you seen the mural painted by Mexico-born, Ireland-based street artist Kathrina Rupit in Ankara? Read more


Are you aware of Ankara’s exceptional Erimtan Archeology and Art Museum where one can view the art collection of a private collector? Read More.

Skyphos – Roman Empire


Did you know that there are 485 different bird species within Turkey, 350 of which can be encountered inside Ankara’s provincial borders? Read more.

Robin Redbreast


Lastly; we kindly invite you to come to see the typewriter and calculator collection of Turgay Sagdic, Yetkin Patent founder, European Patent Attorney, and Certified Public Accountant.


We wish you a productive, peaceful, healthy, and happy 2022 in advance.

With my warmest regards from Stuttgart,

Nazli Sagdic Pilcz –Yetkin Magazine Editor-

Translated to English by: Zeynep Beler